patterns of metric amplitude


Patterns of Metric Amplitude is a human-scale kinetic sculpture that reveals intricate and evolving rhythmic and visual patterns through the pulsations of multiple 8-foot tall metronomes. As each metronome's pendulum swings past its center point a brief pitched tone is played. Alone, a metronome plays a simple regular pattern; when a number of metronomes play together their simple patterns combine to create complex rhythms.

Control panels allow listeners to individually adjust each metronome's tempo (the speed at which it swings) by raising or lowering the devices' motorized weights. When a metronome's weight is raised, it's swinging slows - decreasing the tempo, and when the weight is lowered the tempo is increased. In this way the listener is able to influence the rhythms they are hearing. The control panels also allow listeners to set the pitch of each metronome's tone, and thus the rhythmic patterns also form shifting melodies and harmonies that fold and recombine as the patterns evolve.