various artists - new york   ::::   recursion
                                   in collaboration with Jack Donovan


recursion excerpt mp3

forging serial cutup-postfolk

Various Artists - New York is a compilation of electronic and computer music works composed by New York City based artists, compiled and released by Apartment B Records. Recursion, a piece that has grown out of an ongoing collaboration between Gregory Shakar and Jack Donovan, appears as track 6 on the CD. The compositional process employed in its creation, involves the interposition and manipulation of found timbres and performed sounds. The technique has yielded a compelling sonic signature that is at once organic and otherworldly.

More information about the Various Artists CD, and Apartment B Records can be found at their respective web sites.


de:bug magazine

When a compilation begins with the magnificent track from the new Books CD on Tomlab, nothing else can be wrong with it. It has long been clear that in New York there has lately developed an extremely good scene for electronic-digital music, one in which any kind of instrument can again find its way into a production. Nevertheless, the number of acts that this compilation--from the brilliant label that has already presented Zammuto:Willscher and Keith Fullerton Whitman--presents is still surprising. I-Sound and Daniel Raffel "smooth it" with "City Song" between field recordings, solitary guitar melodies, and clean-as-Beat-broom arranged effects. Blurter rumbles a kind of Iceman-melody through cybernetic nostalgia. Adrien75 swings between lo-fi and undulating indie-sound on his extremely beautiful swan song to New York. Unagi Patrol underlie their sweetly pulled breaks with a type of Hippy-scenery of restrained guitars and whizzing, jingly sounds. Jack Donovan and Greg Shakar forge serial cutup-postfolk. Sybarite knows his Max/MSP and knows how to make it purr. And it goes on, from highlight to highlight, with End, So Takahashi, Tarikh Korula, Blitter, Caural, Minnow and Zammuto with tracks that could lay down a smooth deliberation if it not still again on the time is to NYC to pull.

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